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Home Inspections

Buying a home is a very big step to take.  Hiring a home inspector to check if there are
any major issues with the home you are buying can ease your mind when making the
major decision of buying a new home.  We offer a Visual Home Inspection that is
performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice as published by the California
Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) and according to these standards, is
intended to identify material defects in the systems, structures an components of a
building as they exist at the time of the inspection.

Whether you are buying, selling, building or staying in the property you own, a property
inspection just makes good sense!  Understanding the condition of the systems and
components of a building is critical when it comes to purchase, repair and maintenance

A professional property inspection is an impartial third-party visual evaluation of the
physical structure, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, roofing, interior and
exterior.  Upon completion, you will receive a comprehensive report that is easy to
understand.  Everything identified during the inspection will be included in the report.

We strongly encourage all of our clients to accompany us during the inspection.  You
should feel free to ask the inspector any questions you may have during the inspection
process.  The inspector will point out problems and explain them to you.  The inspector
will also show you the good points of the house as well.

Plus, we will explain what routine maintenance is needed to keep the house in top
condition.  This will help you to get the most benefit from the inspection and gain the
most understanding of the systems that make up your home, and how to maintain them.

Keeping Things in Perspective

All homes have problems.  The question is what and how serious are the problems.  
We can help you understand issues relating to your home and will communicate that to

We are sensitive to the emotions present during the transaction and know that the
timely delivery of the message is as important as its content.  When discussing
problems, we may suggest maintenance solutions.  We will offer valuable information to
give you the peace of mind to buy with confidence.

Oven, Range, Lighting, Ventilation, Dishwasher, Disposal, Compactor,

Flooring, Sinks/Faucets/Valves, Counters/Cabinets

Tub/Shower, Toilets/Bidets, Sinks, Vanity, Cabinets, Mirrors,

Ventilation, Walls, Floors, Caulking, Fixtures

Tub/Shower, Toilets/Bidets, Sinks, Vanity, Cabinets, Mirrors,

Ventilation, Walls, Floors, Caulking, Fixtures

Electrical Inspectors
Roof Shingles
Sink Pipe

Service Line, Grounding, Panels, Breakers, Visible Wiring, Conduits,

Lighting, Outlets, GFCI's, AFCI's

Roofing Material, Roof Deck, Jacks, Flashing, Gutters, Siding,

Window Screens, Patio Doors, Vehicle Doors and Safety Reverse Mechanisms,

Water Heater, Gas/Water Pipes, Visible Drain Pipes, Faucets / Valves, Drains/Vents, Washer/Dryer Connections

Modern House Exterior
Air Conditioner

"Full Service Business to meet your Needs"

Site Drainage, Decks, Landscape Electrical, Fences/Gates,

Outbuildings, Grade

Furnace, Venting, A/C Units, Exhaust Fans,

Ducting, Condensate Drain, Thermostat, Fireplace, Chimney

Visible Portions of Foundation/Slab, Framing, Decks, Porches,

Basement, Crawlspace, Attic, Ventilation, Insulation, Remodel Evidence

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